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I was born in Lisbon on March 8, 1981. Family is my safe haven and the most important part of my journey. Passionate about what I do and always ready to learn and share knowledge.

Teach & Learn

Trainer in the front end development course @ EDIT since 2012 until 2022. It's been quite a ride to share and learn with a lot of great people along this year's. More to come. 


Start working in 1999 in a small company in Lisbon, in 2008 joined Grand Union (Fullsix Group) to work closely with UK and France, I have made my way until today as Head of Frontend @ Fullsix.


Like all geeks, Star Wars and Marvel are part of my culture, also reading, video games and spending time with my son, friends and family, preferably around a good meal.


I can place here a wall of awards that I have won with projects along the years, but the best award is to work every day with some talented people and be able to have a great team with me. That is the real award.


I really like Linkedin as a way to be connected to the world, to learn and share visions with people from other realities. Let's connect.
Ricardo is a complete leader. It is impossible to describe him without working directly with him, he attention he devotes to his team well-being as well as their technological growth (as his own too) is everything you can ask for someone responsible for a team. Ricardo likes to innovate, bring new technologies in order to improve his team's stack, likes to be aware of what is new and is not stuck in the past. In short, working with Ricardo is a pleasure and he is a really great asset in any company. João Borges ● Senior Frontend Developer at Fullsix Portugal in Linkedin

What the world says about me

Some of the initiatives that I have the pleasure to be involved and that have a special place in my journey so far.
Ricardo Melo - Ainda Somos nós?

It's still us ?

Opinion article about how AI is changing the essence in humans in Meios & Publicidade magazine.
(Ed.945 - 17th Nov) - (PT)
See More
Ricardo Melo - Humanos 2.0

Humanos 2.0

Opinion article about the impact of AI in human evolution in Meios & Publicidade magazine.
(Ed.931 - 05th May) - (PT)
See More
ChatGPT has arrived to the creative industry Portuguese?

ChatGPT has arrived to the creative industry Portuguese?

Opinion exclusive article about ChatGPT in the creative industry in Meios & Publicidade magazine.
(Ed.925 - 27th January) - (PT)
See More
Is innovation limited to technology?

Is innovation limited to technology?

Opinion article about what can we consider to be innovation in Meios & Publicidade magazine.
(Ed.924 - 2th December) - (PT)
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How design systems can improve the customer experience

The Future of Teams

Opinion article about The Future of Teams in Meios & Publicidade magazine.
(Ed.913 - 15th July) - (PT)
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How design systems can improve the customer experience

How design systems can improve the customer experience.

An approach focused on a design system creates a better customer experience and creates greater loyalty with brands, products, or services. See More
Design Systems tratados por tu

Design Systems tratados por tu

Monthly webinar about Design Systems. In this first edition we gather 200+ people to talk about design system challenges and the faces that bring this to life. See More Conference

The conference for web designers and frontend developers, who care about technology to build better experiences held in 2018 in Lisbon with 250 attendees, where I talked about frontend architecture for design systems. See More
Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser |

Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser

Great conversation with João Pico and his new project "Onde Quando e Como eu Quiser |" about digital transformation with the most recognized figures in our industry. Very happy to be part of it. See More
Industry Sessions: Present & Future of Frontend - Ricardo Melo

Industry Sessions: Present & Future of Frontend

Great talk about present and future of the frontend development with Wilson Alberto from Itsapark and Ivo Mirra from Tillster, Inc. See More
What is true leadership?

What is true leadership?

Leadership as been a discovery in my personal and professional life, and something that I really enjoy knowing more, so that I can be a better person and professional. Here I share my vision about that. Read more
Industry Sessions Live - Ricardo Melo

Industry Sessions Live: Frontend Trends

Talking about Frontend Trends present and future of the developer role. With Alexandre Marreiros and João Vitória. See More
What they say - Frontend

What they Say?

The profession of frontend developer is detailed, in this video, by Alexandre Marreiros, CTO and Ricardo Melo, Head of Front-end of the Fullsix Portugal, where we speak about the challenges of working as developer in a fast-paced industry. See More
EDIT - Interview


Interview for EDIT about the challenges I encountered during my career as a frontend developer. See More

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